Bride & Groom Entry

Bride and Groom always have something special for their wedding day. And when its about entry this goes onto another level from songs to décor and Trendy Entrance everything should be perfect. Precious Banquets always try to give something bigger and  better on your special day, be it entry on a Rath for grooms or Palki and Doli Entrance for Bride with her Loved ones Accompanying her carrying her on their shoulders.

Cold Pyros The New Age Fire Work

Cold PYROS are trending and if its trending it should be a part of your wedding. Here at Precious Banquets, we add the element of surprise by some nice firework (COLD PYROS). Be it your Entry or JAIMALA this Trend should not be left behind.

Shower of Flowers

Like Rosses are incomplete without the colour red, A Indian Wedding is incomplete without shower of flowers. We at Precious Banquets make your day special with shower of Rose petals at the time of entrance and JAI MALA


BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING is incomplete without the SHAHI ANDAZ Dinner served well with Gold Plated crockery to add to the charm. Precious is not just the Name in Precious Banquets!

Flower Decoration

Decor is the most important part of a wedding and here at Precious Banquets we decorate the venue to give a good mood to you and your guests and increase the level of excitement among guests attending the event. The show stopper will be the beautiful flower décor across walls pillars and stage.

Theme for Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are incomplete without an theme. Be it the famous comic superhero or some old school music band we at precious banquets have theme for all the occasions. All the themes are purely customizable and you can chooses the colour the character the performances everything.

Revolving Stage

On your wedding the world is revolving around you and guests are keen to see you ion the stage. We at Precious forever provide revolving stage for your entry as well as your JAIMALA. The set is decorated to give your guests a beautiful view and to you a beautiful and loving memory